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Citrus Fruits

Yaja' Mulcare is a Brooklyn-based Graphic Designer & Illustrator that loves creative thinking, problem-solving and expressing herself freely. Her passion for Fine Art, Music, and Creative Writing drives her to keep creating and coming up with new ideas for products & designs.

About Yaja'

Yaja' utilizes her skills in Print Production, Typography, Photography, and Advertising/Marketing throughout her career. At Johnson & Wales (Providence, RI), she majored in Graphic Design & Digital Media and received her Bachelor of Science in 2019. Yaja's experience stems from client-based freelance projects, providing commission work such as custom illustrations, website designs, logo designs and branding. 

Outside of her general design work, Yaja' writes storybooks for kids and non-fiction books for general audiences. She currently has two published children's books: Nyesha & Phantom's Guide to Colors, which educates young kids about color theory and the color wheel, and Nyesha & Phantom's Guide to Imagination, showcasing the importance of creative thinking. Her non-fiction work, The Tea Ritual, focuses on the health benefits and uniqueness of the different types of teas. 

Additionally, Yaja' loves to explore different mediums to help keep her mind active and produce unique products. Through her small business, DesignsByYaja, a pop-up shop and online store, Yaja' sells handmade crafts such as stickers, keychains, pins, stationary and charms. She has sold at multiple markets in New York, specifically in City Point BKLYN, Governor's Island, Dumbo Brooklyn and Boerum Hill. In July 2022, DesignsByYaja became a member of Made In NYC, a non-profit organization that supports crafters, artists and small businesses in New York. 

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