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Graphic Design / Branding

Full-scale projects involving logo design, brand identity, UI/UX design, and web development.

Kristeena Alexander Personal Brand

Mission: To help women who have already attempted their dream of playing professional sports but missed their chance; To help current athletes achieve their goals of joining an official sports team.

Target Audience: Older women (30+ years); Women that have passed the opportunity to join a professional sports team; Current student athletes that want to join a professional team.


Bath & Body Brand

Mission: Suhaana Bath & Body is a small business that promotes handmade bath bombs and other skin products with all-natural, organic ingredients.

Target Audience: Young to older women that want to take care of their skin without the harm of artificial chemicals. 


Diamond Vocal Coaching
Music Brand

Mission: To provide lessons to those that want to enhance their singing voice and improve on their vocal skills. The client wants to encourage those who think they can't sing to find their "true singing voice".

Target Audience: Anyone, ranging from young children to older adults that want to learn how to sing properly (and professionally).


Lilliam's Coffee House
Restaurant & Cafe Brand

Mission: This coffee house has one goal: to introduce visitors to premium, hand-roasted coffee at an affordable price.

Target Audience: Local and regional coffee (and tea) lovers that want to experience new flavors; Coffee experts that want a premium, yet affordable experience.


Mini Chef
UI/UX Design

Mission: Mini Chef is app that can help even the most unskilled chef in the kitchen. This app has various recipes and cooking classes to make cooking fun and enjoyable every time.

Target Audience: Those that don't cook often or rarely cook; People that enjoy cooking often; People that cook as a hobby; Professional chefs that want to try new recipes.

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