Illustration 2019-20


Protest Illustrations

Addressing a Problem

These illustrations were developed as part of a project to bring awareness surrounding the suffering of police brutality, racism and injustice. 

Pomegranate Paintings

Watercolor paintings developed for SPA Cuisine 2019 culinary project. The paintings were to represent each dish by order (from main entree to dessert). 

"Moving-In &
Meeting Your

Vector Illustrations

Minimalistic vector illustrations created for an apartment-rental website. These were meant to show the process of renting an apartment, moving-in and talking with your landlord.

Recipe Card Illustrations

Illustrations developed to create a fun & simplistic way of teaching someone a brand new recipe. 

Recipes from left to right:

Chicken Andoullie Sausage Gumbo

Simple Honey Lime Chicken

Traditional Shoyu Ramen

Scallop Over Wilted Parmesan Risotto

Each card was pre-sketched & developed in Adobe Illustrator.

Good Boys Zine


Digital zine filled with watercolor illustrations of boys doing whatever! The zine was developed in Photoshop & InDesign. Click on the image to read!

Black, White, Red

Digital Zine


Digital zine that relied on the limited use of three colors. Developed entirely in Adobe Illustrator. Click on the image to read!​  |  Tel: 917-689-7712

1369 Broadway, Unit 269

Brooklyn, NY 11221